Summer Updates!

Hi Woof Pals

Thanks for the responses to the Olympics bandana. Stock predicted to be in by End of May. For those who have not ordered but still wants to, you can do so by the 23rd May! For more info see:

Some updates to our products:

Blings Blings for your dogs! See our new segment under Products> Accessories> Crystal Hair Clips! Our selections are made of high quality crystals. Very bling bling! One of the samples:

Fancy Disney clothing? We have Disney clothings coming in! Updated ones are the Baby minnie and Daisy polka dots tees! Going at a great price of $14.90! See them under products> apparels> Casual ! More coming soon for mickey singlets! Stay tuned!

If you have a white dog like mine, and irked cleaning their paws paws after their walk, dun fret! Buy a set of booties for them! No more excuses for not bringing them out anymore! =P See the other colour at products> accessories> booties!

Stay tuned to more of our woofy updates!~

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