New Stocks for August!

Thank you for your support at the National Dog Walk 2008! It was heart warming to see the kiddos running about with our bandanas!

We were busy like bees on that day, that we have no time to take decent pictures of the event!

New Arrivals for August:

  • New Doggie sandals! Let the paws breathe!

  • Ultraman Singlets - Black or White for you?

  • Snoopy Bathrobes - This is super cute! With snoopy ears! Must Grab!

  • Berry Dress-Waffle Red Dress with plushie Stalk and hand knitted berry pockets! Very classy piece of dress!

  • Jeans Wear - Yes, we heard your requests!

  • Accessories for your little girls! Sweet sailor moon ribbons to be tied around the neck!

Stay tuned for more updates~

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