Win a Pet Bed!

Hi Woof Pals

Enough of world cup mania.. its now time to fly our FLAG! Win our Pet Bedding when you got the highest no. of FB LIKES!

Contest Theme: National Day

1.Dress your furries with patriotic wear and make them do a good pose! Snap a nice shot!
2. Leave a message to Singapore on behalf of your furries. Why they love Singapore?
3. Email your photo to us : with your message, name and furries' name!
4. We will upload your submission in our photo album on Facebook, and the voting begins there!

Deadline for Submission: 31st July 2010 2359hrs
Deadline to vote: 10th August 2010 2359hrs

Tips and Tricks: Tag all your friends on your photo! No props? Get our Singapore Bandana!

Terms & conditions:
1. All photos submitted must be taken and owned by contest participants
2. Contest Winner have to self-collect their prize. those who are not residing in Singapore will have to pay for the Shipping charges.
3. Criteria for winning is by the most no. of "likes" on the photo by 10th August 2010

Name of owner: Doggie Wardrobe
Name of Dogs: Spitz and Westie

Our dogs says: Thank you Singapore for keeping us Rabies free! We love Singapore! Woof!

Pictures courtesy of Tltan

Need Props? Look here!

A specially designed, limited edition National Day Bandana @ $8.90!
Size available: S, M, L
P.S. Recommended way of choosing sizes: Just go according to your breed size!! Small Medium or Large!

Bandana: Xcm by Ycm
Strings is inclusive of X cm, from one end to the other.

Small Size: 25cm x 12.5cm Strings 75cm
Medium Size: 30cm x 15cm Strings 80cm
Large Size:4 0cm x 20cm Strings 90cm


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