Little Charmaine was diagnosed with 4th stage neuroblastoma on 13th February 2009. Read about her life story at her blog :

We are greatly touched by Charmaine and her guardian angels that we decide to pledge our stock of limited edition Singapore Bandana to aid Little Charmaine on her road to recovery.
Each bandana will cost $10 and all of the $10 will go to little Charmaine's treatment. We will fork out for postage!

To Help Little Charmaine, Please E-mail us stating :

1)Dog's Breed
2)Donor's name to be recorded
4)Extra donation Amount (if any)
5)Mailing Address

We will advise a size for your dog (We have S, M, L) and payment details.

All Donors would be listed on this page to keep track of donations.

Your contribution, however small, will definitely make a difference to little Charmaine and her family.

Do pass on this fund raising event to your friends!


List of Donors PAID: $700

1)XiaoBai & XiaoHei $20
2)Tan Huixian $20
3)Chua Xingda $20
4)Denise Germaine Ong $20
5)Valerie Tan $20
6)Stephanie Lim $20
7)Sandy Pan $20
8)Sylvia and Viki $20
9)Elmo Choy $50
10)Cecilia Tay $20
11)Dreamy Paws $30
12)Dodo & Momo $20
13)Angeline Yeo $10
14)Jasmine Tham $20
15)Milo Chong $10
16)WongCH $20
17)Anoymous $20
18)HM Goh $150
19)Mouse $50
20)Johan Ngan $30
21)Polly Chin $20
22)Charcoal Tan $10
23)Little Hazel $10
24)Zann Ong $30
25)Wan Lai - $30
26)Lyn Teng $10

UNPAID : $120
27)Jenny Toh - $50 (Pending payment)
28)Terrence Quah - $20 (Pending payment)
29)Gigi Low - $10 (Pending payment)
30)See Lay Leng - $10 (Pending payment)
31)Caroline Chen - $10 (Pending payment)
32)Girl girl $20 (Pending payment)

Thanks for all the generous contributions!

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