Updates: Donation Transferred!

Our Feisty Princess is doing well with her treatment in New York City!

We are please to raise $700 for Little Charmaine for her ongoing treatment expenditures. There are still some funds that we have not yet received unfortunately. We hope that they will get back in touch with us soon with the outstanding of $120.

We are very grateful for the list of donors as listed below.

List of Donors whom helped raised $700!!

1)XiaoBai & XiaoHei $20
2)Tan Huixian $20
3)Chua Xingda $20
4)Denise Germaine Ong $20
5)Valerie Tan $20
6)Stephanie Lim $20
7)Sandy Pan $20
8)Sylvia and Viki $20
9)Elmo Choy $50
10)Cecilia Tay $20
11)Dreamy Paws $30
12)Dodo & Momo $20
13)Angeline Yeo $10
14)Jasmine Tham $20
15)Milo Chong $10
16)WongCH $20

17)Anoymous $20
18)HM Goh $150
19)Mouse $50
20)Johan Ngan $30
21)Polly Chin $20
22)Charcoal Tan $10
23)Little Hazel $10
24)Zann Ong $30
25)Wan Lai - $30
26)Lyn Teng $10

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